Benefits of activated charcoal

If you discovered a product with healing powers that not only detoxified the blood and body and restored energy to the muscles and mind, but also provided anti-aging benefits such as fighting wrinkles, combatting cancerous growth in cells, and maintaining memory and cognitive functioning, would you be intrigued? 

Well I 1000% was

I have read so much information on activated charcoal, and found so many great ways of making your own DIY activated charcoal beauty products that I just could not NOT share them with you all

As there is so much information on activated charcoal, I am going to make this read a lot smaller and easier to digest.
Here are the many benefits for using activated charcoal in your day to day life:

* Traps toxins and impurities 
Resolves indigestion
* Prevents hangovers
* Digestive cleansing
* Detoxifies the brain and body
* Whitens teeth
* Cleanses the blood
* Alleviates allergies- take within 30 mins of symptoms
* Helps insect bites- apply to the area
* naturally relieves pain
* Boosts anti-fungal protection
* Treats acni
* Promotes nutrient absorbtion 

This magical substance really does give your insides a much needed detox. 

To start you off on your charcoal journey begin with an internal health detox, the best way to do this is 

* teaspoon of charcoal
* to one cup of water 3x daily
This will rid your body of dangerous and harmful toxins already present. 

Activated charcoal is something you can use in many many different ways, and on a daily basis. Add this into your daily routine, to increase your optimum health and to live a balanced lifestyle
* Teaspoon of charcoal
* To one cup of water
This will result in more energy, improved cognitive functioning, increased immunity, and reduced incidences of illness and disease.

For skin and body wash use this
* One part activated charcoal
* One part water
* Add essential oil to make it smell nice
Combine the ingredients into a paste. Apply to the afflicted areas and scrub to allow the charcoal to absorb into your skin and remove toxins, oils, and impurities that can interfere with normal follicle openings and the processes related to natural oil production at the skin’s surface.


Other ways of getting this magic substance into your body
* Cook with it - I've seen some great recipes on Pinterest 
* Make your own mascara
* Soap bars
* Charcoal lemonade/ latte's
* Bamboo charcoal - purifies air in your home


My last tip: When buying activated charcoal or using charcoal in beauty and health treatments, it should have a high density and low ash content!


* Medical note : With the ability to block the absorption of foreign formulations, one of charcoal’s side effects is that it may interfere with the body’s ability to absorb or process medications, making it absolutely necessary to consult a physician regarding the use of activated charcoal when taking prescription or over-the-counter medications.



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