My Mornings

I've realised that mornings are my favourite time of the day.

In Barcelona, especially where I live, is rather noisy. 
I have grown to realise that I am not a late night girl, I like waking up to the sun coming through my balcony windows, hearing the birds singing, and seeing the empty streets below me. 
I get up around 7:30am, wash my face with cold water, put my makeup on whilst drinking lemon water. (Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has major amazing health benefits btw)

I then take my puppy Dixie out for a morning walk, not only is this great for Dixie but I also love the fresh morning air, it really wakes my body up for the day ahead.

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When I am back from the walk, the first thing I do is make a fresh juice.
This is a vegetable and fruit juice not a smoothie- the body digests pure liquid into the system a lot quicker, especially first thing in the morning. Your body needs these nutrients and natural ingredients to run at its best throughout the day.
It is my absolute go to!

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My favourite ingredient at the moment is beetroot, I love earthy tasting juices, and they really are so good for the body. 

I let this digest for around half an hour then I have breakfast and coffee.
In the weekdays I try to stick to granola or muesli with lots of different seeds, different types of berries and I have recently got a açai powder.
I love to make my food from scratch and use no processed foods from packets and jars, so on the weekend I sometimes attempt other yummy breakfast alternatives. 

Banana pancakes, made with only a tiny bit of chickpea powder, one free range organic egg, and the rest banana :) I then put chia seeds in it too, and then the topping is greek yogurt with açai powder.

Black filtered coffee. 

I always have a morning tv series that I am obsessed with, easy to watch, funny and light hearted. I'm currently watching Gilmore girls, it's a great watch whilst I'm catching up on instagram and emails.

Want to know what products I use on my skin? Message me!
90% of them are natural, I am looking for the last few items to make it fully 100% natural.

Where did I get this blog idea from?

An amazing conscious lifestyle blogger, who wrote a post on her morning routine. She is also wearing our 'Meryl' dress, showing you just how versatile this style is 

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