Shooting for Discover Boutique by Andreea Iancu

I was adamant that I wanted a female photographer. 

Andreea was the first photographer I met, and we hit it off straight away.
And boy did she not disappoint :) She was confident throughout the whole day shooting, guided the models into different poses (thank god because I had no idea lol), and was literally a total rockstar, she really went above and beyond the whole day! I could not have done it without her!

I always say women were born to support one another and that's exactly what we did ;)
'I knew straight away she was the right photographer to bring my Discover Boutique vision to life'

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A blog post by Andreea Iancu 

I met Michelle on a hot summer day in Barcelona to talk about her upcoming project. There are people that uplift your spirit from the second you see them and I felt exactly like that when I saw her. She seemed cheerful and energetic and walked me through her project with a contagious enthusiasm. Her dream was to design her own womenswear line and she was working passionately (and hard!) at it: building her brand and website from scratch, learning to design clothes and to pour her ideas into something tangible, searching the right factory to create the products… and then her attention and care for the clothes not only to come out as faithful as possible to how she envisioned them, but also for them to be ethically made by a factory that respects its workers.

She had a story.
She had a story and her ambition and enthusiasm made me believe in it.
And because of that, I’m so happy she believed in me and I got to be the one to photograph the launching campaign of her first collection, a beautiful womenswear line of airy, flowing garments in white and blue, bearing symbols inspired from Bali.

Michelle’s idea for the campaign was to feature a few different models that would embody the core values of the “Discover Boutique” woman: confident, adventurous, in love with life and nature.

Our models for the day were (from left to right in the image below): Elisa, Maria and Katrina – three beautiful ladies with different stories, backgrounds and personalities, but despite being different, I feel they fitted in so well in the whole story.

The location was also stunning: the Botanical Garden of Marimurtra in Blanes (a coastal village close by to Barcelona), a lavishly exotic place overlooking the Mediterranean Sea that would hint a bit to the rich greeneries – but unfortunately too distant! – of Bali.

We began the day quite early over tasty homemade coffee with the girls getting their make-up and hair done at Michelle’s place and then headed over to Blanes. I have to confess that, despite the day starting sunny and cloudless, I was afraid of an unexpected rain – the past days in Barcelona made me fear these sudden weather changes. Me fear got even bigger when, once in Blanes, a gloomy cloud was hovering over the botanical garden.. but, luckily, no drop of rain ruined the day!

The whole shoot was a pleasure and we finished the day with a few more captures on a nearby beach until the night engulfed us (and the mosquitoes ate me alive…).
Ok, enough talking 🙂

Head over to Discover Boutique website to read more about the story behind Michelle’s brand! There’s also a behind the scenes video from our photo session 😉
Also, many many thanks, again, to the amazing team and to Michelle for believing in me!


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