The ONLY women's rally in the world !

Lets support our fellow women and cheer for all the ladies taking part in the ONLY WOMEN'S rally in the world! 

'Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc'

The race will begin on 21st March!

They will be taking on a 10 day challenge competing with women all across the globe.

And get this ......
GPS is not allowed!
Yes that's right! They will be using old school navigation ONLY, to find their way in the scorching heat across the Sahara desert.

What can be better then this?
To be honest I had never heard of such event, but I am totally 100% supporting it from this day forward. Jazmin Grimaldi (team number 504) is racing and is a great friend of mine and I can also proudly say that Discover Boutique is a sponsor of her in this race.
Go Jaz !

Get live updates throughout their race, and follow them along their Sahara desert journey 

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