Ethical Fashion - "Addresses the ethical treatment, pay and occupational health standards of garment workers
and the effect that the making of the garment has on the community it is made in"


Finding a factory with values was the most important aspect of Discover Boutique and after an extensive search
I finally found the perfect fit. 

Each garment is ethically sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia using a local family run company, where being ethical and ensuring
a happy work force is at the heart- which are values that imbed Discover Boutique. 

“I first met Natali on a car journey when she picked me up to show me around her factory.
We spoke passionately about ethical standards and treating workers fairly and it was clear we clicked in what we saw was important.
Natali’s company was my number one choice by a mile, which was set in stone when I walked through the factory.
 After speaking to all the staff and seeing their passion come to life, what felt at first like a gut feeling, I knew
was more like fate. I had found my factory and the people I wanted to be part of my Discover Boutique journey"



I had my heart set on Bali before I had even stepped foot in the country. It was important for me to work
with a community where I could make a difference, not only to the lives of the workers, but for this to make an impact
on their economy and filter down to the local’s wellbeing. I also strongly wanted to support factories that are running
their business ethically and away from sweat shop, fast fashion trade by paying them fairly and ensuring they hold strong ethical responsibility.

When I then arrived in Bali this confirmed my gut feeling. The Balinese people are some of the friendliest, most happy,
open and kind people I have ever met. I instantly felt a connection with the locals and I fell in love with the culture,
diversity and individuality of the country.

Bali is an incredibly special place and was a natural choice to inspire not only my designs, but for me as a designer.


As my brand grows I hope my manufacturer will also organically grow with me and of course, sustain their excellent working conditions.
As after all, where the clothes come from is at the heart of my designs.

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