Natural Organic fabric dyeing- "Tarum's main concern was the many synthetic colours used in Bali,
coming from outside of Indonesia, and the resulting negative impact of the process wastes on Bali's environment and people" Tarum Bali

For my new 'Barcelona' collection I wanted not only the fabrics to be 100% sustainable but also the fabric dyeing process to be
natural and organic. 

I have now found the ONLY natural and organic fabric dyeing factory in Bali.

"Tarum Bali is eager to realise the production and process of environmentally friendly, sustainable, solid creations,
with added value and local content in terms of both process and materials"

They started to use the leaves as colours, such as indigo from tarum leaf, red from secang wood, yellow from mango leaf,
brown from mahogany leaf, black from ketapang leaf and many more.
There are many advantages in using leaves as colouring agents:

  • Do NOT need to cut or kill the trees, harvesting multiple times
  • Trees benefit from pruning reducing leaves during some periods of time
  • Relatively easy to find, cultivate or can be in cooperation with farmers
  • Does not compete with food needs
  • Extracts are easy to make
  • Leaf waste is easily composted and returned to the soil
  • Raw material are a sustainable supply and can readily be replanted

Preparation of the materials include gathering, drying and cooking leaves to create dye extracts, usually 4-5 hours per batch.
Now Tarum has its own garden in Tampaksiring to produce natural materials for dyeing, such as wood, leaves, fruits and flowers.

Tarum also provide a one day in factory course. Tarum will teach you to select leaves for coloring, drying and cooking, the dyeing process,
and the final weaving process.
Just the way Tarum does it.