Sustainable Fashion - "This refers to the effects of the production of clothing on the environment.
This includes the use of pesticides and chemicals in growing fabrics, the dyes used for various colours,
water and waste treatment, energy reduction, using recycled materials"

I want you to not only know that you are wearing a one of a kind style but that you are also wearing the very best in natural materials.
It is my mission to use 100% Sustainable fabrics

Eco Luxe | In Style | Fair Fashion

"Fashion is a thirsty business. Cotton accounts for 90% of all natural fibres used in the textile industry
and is used in 40% of apparel produced globally. Growing it requires a lot of water. One cotton shirt uses about 2,700 litres of water!"
Fashion Revolution

Even though skin is the largest organ on your body, a lot of people think because they don't ingest it it is not effecting them.
"It is about our air, it is about our world, it is about our people"
It is that awareness of, you may not feel that you're having the direct impact in buying an organic shirt but the impact you're having
is in the bigger picture in the world at large and especially in the community where the cotton is grown.

I also believe in a sustainable lifestyle and try to implement it as much as I can into my everyday life.

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