Each garment is ethically designed, sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia by using Balinese handmade techniques including
hand-dying and hand-printing. The Bali collection is a unique range of wearable, travel statements with style and lifestyle at the core
being inspired by the culture and history of Bali.

The designs are centered on the symbolism of the custom designed lotus flower print, the inverted triangle and the traditional Balinese
hand-dye, which reflect the values and stories behind Discover boutique.


Hand dye

 Hand dyed garments are individually crafted meaning each piece has a unique variation in pattern colour.

The beautiful nature of this technique gives a personal touch showing the hand of the artisan making each garment
truly special and unique.

Through learning about this technique I gained a great sense of appreciation to the passion and detail that goes into every individual piece,
which inspired me to use this in my first collection.

The Lotus Print
The lotus flower is especially important to me as it strongly symbolizes my journey. My path, like others, has had
its ups and downs, but these important steps I have taken, the choices I have made and the experiences I have had (good and bad) have made me
who I am today. Opening up to spiritual enlightenment has helped my journey develop and I believe that connecting your mind, body and spirit
is the secret to a life full of content and happiness.
The colours in particular have strong symbols. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, associated with tranquility, calmness,
trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and truth. Whilst yellow is the colour of sunshine, associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.
Whilst in Bali I was inspired by the strong blue and yellow colours that I saw all around me. I wanted my designs to reflect not only
the meaning behind the colours and the lotus but to be vibrant and high impact to give confidence to any women that wears the piece.

The Inverted Triangle
The inverted triangle has two points at the top and one at the base representing female energy. This symbolises the strong female presense
 I have had in my life, who have influenced my journey and where I am today.
I am a big supporter of women who kick-ass life and I have a strong sense to inspire women to be confident and feel great. Having this
representation across my designs represents a door into achieving the impossible to any women who wears it.

 The triangle, also represents mind, body and spirit, which is the constant balance of how I always try and live my life.